Saturday, April 26, 2014

More feed.

Thursday, when I opened up the hives, I noticed that the Saint Valentine hive's feed bucket still felt heavy (maybe half a gallon), but I noticed the Saint Benedict hive's feeder felt light, maybe half a quart.

So today, we opened up the S. Benedict hive and pulled out the feeder, and closed up the hive again. The feeder was empty, but worse, there was some kind of mold or mildew or algae growing in it. Brenda cleaned it out and replenished it with half a gallon of sugar water. I put it back in the hive, and then opened up the S. Valentine hive and pulled out its feeder. There was mold in it too. We cleaned it and replenished it.

Before putting it back into the S. Valentine’s hive, we placed the inner cover between the top and bottom deep. This was to stop burr comb from forming in the upper deep. Then we put the feed bucket on top of the inner cover with the hole on its lid (which is on the bottom) right over the hole-handle in the inner cover.

We put the upper deep around on top of the inner cover, and the telescoping cover on top of the upper deep.

The bees have been quite active lately, bringing in plenty of pollen.

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