Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Quick feed

The golden alexanders are in bloom at work, with crowds of bees working them. There is also an old gnarly fruit tree of some type there, a riot of flowers and a hive's worth of honeybees. The clovers down in the valley by Saw Mill Run are starting to bloom, but up here in the ridges of the Chalfant Creek valley, we see no clover flowers yet.

We opened up both hives today to check the feed buckets. Since the inner covers are between the brood deep and the feeder deep, I didn't bother with the smoker, and things went fine. Both buckets were empty, just like they have been the last two times, so Brenda replenished them with 3 quarts of feed each, rather than the usual two quarts.

The bees still managed to put a bit of burr comb on the buckets, but not too much.

We really should have done this yesterday, but it was raining, so we put it off.

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