Saturday, July 11, 2015

More food for the Ambrosium

I checked on the Ambrosium yesterday, and the bees had drunk all their feed. I made four more pounds of sugar into a gallon of syrup and put it in. $2.39.

No drawn comb yet in the new, lower body. There were at least some visible honey stores, uncapped, in the old, upper body.

I saw lots of activity at all the hives this morning, with pollen going into all three.

I noticed that my new, lower super on the Josephium was a deep. Oops! I opened it up and saw that the frames in it all had burr comb hanging off their bottoms. I cut it all off and put the cut combs into an attic. There was very little in the frames proper, and what little was in the burr comb seemed to be brood.

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