Sunday, April 24, 2016


Dandelions are started to seed in the lowlands, and even one or two up here. The apples are in bloom and the dogwoods. The yard is vibrant in dandy lion yellow and ajuga violet. The bees are happy.

They drank the last of their syrup. Lucy and I painted foundation with bees wax (bought from Joe for $50) and put 10 frames of super on each hive.

While I had the hives open, I pulled a frame of capped honey from the upper body of the Ambrosium, and another from the lower body, reducing each body to 9 frames. I put the two frames into the attic for cleaning. I put the new super under the attic.

For the Josephium, I had already removed the 10th frame from each body last week. They were still in the attic, covered with bees. There's still a fair bit of honey in them. I removed the empty feeding pail from the attic and put the super under it.

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