Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Correcting Saturday's errors

The first dry day since Saturday, I went out fully protected and with the smoker. I took the two stuck together covers off the Valentinium and placed 10 new frames in the top shallow. The five odd numbered frames are empty, and the five even numbered have foundation. Remember I number from West to East.

I then pried apart the two covers. That was a job! The Valentinians had gotten fucus on the entire surface where the two covers touched. I wonder how they did it? Once they were apart, I smeared vaseline over the interface, and placed them back on.

The bees were calm, well smoked, and I got no stings.

The current arrangement of the Valentinium is two deeps, two shallows, and then the two covers.

The current arrangement of the Benedictium is two deeps, the inner cover right-side-up, and two empty shallows.

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