Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sugar dusting

I went out and dusted the hives today with powdered sugar. This time I started with the Benedictium. I pulled of the two empty supers from the top, and then the crown cover, and dusted them pretty well. I stopped when I saw some caking. I then put on a super with ten frames, since the two brood chambers seemed a bit crowded, and then the crown, then an empty super and then the top.

Then I moved on to the Valentinium. There was some kind of briar bush near the Valentinium that the bees were congregating on, collecting propolis maybe. I took of the telescoping cover, and the crown cover came with it again. I took off both supers. The bees had drawn none of the frames. I then dusted the brood chambers. I took out some of the frames and observed capped brood, worker and drone.

Since the bees were not using the supers, I only put on one, then the crown cover, then the other super, and then the telescoping cover.

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