Sunday, September 7, 2014

Honey! And some complications

We looked in the supers of our hives today. Most of the frames in the Valentinium's super were empty, but those in the middle were full of capped honey, while those just off from the center the frames had some uncapped honey in the middle of the frame. The two easternmost frames and westernmost frames had nothing but foundation and a bit of drawn, but empty comb. None of the frames in the super had any brood.

The super on the Benedictium was chock full all the way across. About half of the frames in the Benedictium's super had foundation in it, and the other half were foundationless. The foundationless frames were fully drawn, but unfortunately these frames had a bit of brood at the bottom of them.

The Benedictium has definitely been the busier of the two hives for the last few weeks as seen from the outside. It has consistently had more bees coming and going.

So what do we do about our frames with brood in them?

We reassembled the Valentinium as we had found it. We put an empty super with 6 frames in it underneath the Benedictium's to separate it from the brood chambers. I hope that when these brood hatch, they won't be replaced.

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