Friday, September 12, 2014

Mouse guards

I closed up the mouse guards on the hive. The day before yesterday I closed the Valentinium's. The bees were a bit more upset by this than I was expecting, I wasn't wearing any gear or even a veil, and I beat a quick retreat after completing the task.

The Benedictium has been bearding lately, and so I did not dare approach it after my experience with the Valentinium. So I waited till evening and things had calmed down somewhat, but there were still quite a few bees hanging out on the stoop. I wore gloves and reached down and grabbed the mouse guard, but could not move it. So I pulled firmly on it until I broke the propolis with a snap, which was immediately followed by loud hum coming from inside the hive. I decided not to stick around.

So I came out yesterday morning before dawn and took a look, but there were still bees guarding the front stoop, so I left them alone.

This afternoon I fired up the smoker and put on a vail and completed the operation.

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