Monday, April 6, 2015

Josephium Inspection

It got up to 68 today, and I saw a couple of dark colored workers mixed with the golden ligusticae coming and going at the entrance to the Josephium. Could these be offspring of our new black queen?

I opened up the Josephium. I saw that they had drunk all of their sugar, and that the cluster seemed to be on the northwestern side of the hive, perhaps for warmth. I saw a fair amount of nectar or syrup in the combs, and a fair amount of fresh white comb. I could see no eggs or larva, but then I was reluctant to pull frames out of cluster.

I put a second hive body on top of their single one, since they seem to be doing well, with ten frames mostly of empty comb, but also with some empty frames for the josephinae to fill.

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