Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sabbatho Sancto

We finally saw some flowers today. There were some crocuses at St. John Fisher which we saw during the Easter egg hunt. When we got home, we found some small yellow ground flowers underneath our pine near the basement door. I wonder what they're called?

Although these are the first crocuses I saw, Brenda saw some earlier down in the valleys, and saw that the bees were there, and they had some of that translucent pollen on their legs. So I guess our bees must have found some crocus last week, since we saw that same translucent pollen on their legs then.

The temperature has been cold all morning, but we seem to have reached 50 degrees up here by the ridges, and the bees are out chugging water (they really seem to like the new watering station) and buzzing around, but I don't see any pollen going into the hives.

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