Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I saw pollen going into both hives today. Pollen! I have no idea where that pollen is coming from. I have yet to see anything blooming. The temperature reached 60 and the bees were busy. Apparently I have two living and laying queens.

I saw lots of disoriented looking bees crawling around outside of the Benedictium, perhaps young bees making orientation flights.

I saw three bees being carried out of the Josephium. The carrier bee flew out low into the yard and dropped them. I wonder what that was about.

I opened up the Josephium and dusted a mob of bees off the queen cage. The cage was full of bees, the candy plug was eaten. The west side of the interior empty supers was bearded with bees, maybe getting some warmth. I put the crown cover under the empty supers and placed the queen cage and feeding can on top of it, and then closed up the hive. I hope it will be warmer with the crown cover lower.

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